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her first confinement. She had been in labour for many
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pear. One of the most remarkable effects of the treatment is that the
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between very narrow limits, viz., from 0.12 to 0.18 percent. The in-
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and Britain, due to the enforcements of dog-muzzling ordinances.
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or widespread, remain individually discrete, not producing infiltra-
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cies, as does t>phoid fever, no warm-blooded creature is exempt
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erally adnutted that it is only this genus of mosquito which spreads
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selected, whose sole duty should consist in its administration.
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arrangements have been made for irrigation : and as no one
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In this country, at any rate, we have tlie able treatise of Dr.
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gator, and left his mark deeply cut in its annals. His energy
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tion. The rich valley of the Elands river is described as
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The persons attacked were all inhabitants of a part of the town occupied
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and to diarrhea. The danger of this ulceration is that, imlike the
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ciation will be held at Newcastle-on-Tyne on Tuesday,
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antero-posterior vertical section showed the parts of the eye
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which the first treats of anatomy, and the second of
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care of Dr. G. Tennent, suflfering from pneumonia in the
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stinate diarrhea. This diarrhea may become chronic and characterized
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Previous to the introduction of antitoxin I relied exclusively on
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then resolution of the inflammatory products and slow dis-
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of the recorded cases, it proved fatal in about 45 per cent. In some
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bacilli contain the largest proportion of fat known among bacteria,
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utilise the classes which had been previously attended.
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Treatment. — The treatment of pericarditis in the acute stage is
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forearm, 7f ins. ; wrist, 7\ ins. ; body of hand, 9.^ ins. ; thumb, 3h ins. ;
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of the stomach are shut <^ entirely from the rest ot the alimentaiv
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Heberden, to whom the profession owes the first treatise on this dis-
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sometimes spontaneously disappeared before the onset of the
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other cardiac affection, causing what is termed the "bovine heart,"
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are in the grey matter, and what is their quality ?"
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stitched to the lower angle of the incision. If the perforation
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and the enlargement afl'ected also the lower ends of the forearms and
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the dinner to celebrate the jubilee of the Fellowship on
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disease. As a rule, it is most pronounced in the patients who have
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and a diminished consumption of carbohydrates in the organism re-
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atropine would be found to be useful in all cases of cholera,
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become involved at a later period in several ways. It m.iy
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before meals, and 5 gr. of resordn in solution, one-half hour after meals.
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Plague or Pestis, 80 — Small-pox, 83 — Scarlet Fever, 87 — ^Measles, 93 — ^Rubella,
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Apothecaries would take legal steps to fight the Council in
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As a rule, these are the latest manifestations of sjrphilitic taint,
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nasal catarrh the Eustachian tubes also become involved, with produc-
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wholly, replace the natural tissues of the glands. Translucent gray-
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than on the right. Knee-jerks cannot be obtained on either

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