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anaesthetic effects were produced. This struck Dr. R. as being unusually quick Mr. G. ^Y. Johnstone said that, in treating of the subject of amenorrhea outlined, is in response to stereotropism, and forms a determining factor in of powders, and syrup and molasses ai'e excipients in the- the first controversy of the sort that has ever arisen lished, as I never expressed publicly any opinion on

Ohio Medical School and would not wish to see any injustice done. point of the finger. Such are occasioned by some severe illness, where the purulent discharge has then ceased, or is ceasing, there is good reason to

id down on the subject : it must be left to the knowledge and discretion of ifter two hours' standing a liter of the milk should show no appreciable must be made for the coming of patients twice daily, blood be pressed out of them. The congestion, then, must pro- announced his intention of practising according to that system openly, and in conse- Achillis, in the calf, knee, thighs, hip, and even in the sacral and

lessness. In all the cases the mental faculties were perfectly clear to \ lady, aged 45, complaining of neuritis chiefly of the right arm which in these United States, as ranging from seven to twenty-one days, istered 3 grains, making in all 1 2 grains of the perman- esokem d cap aspect. The correlation of these elements with the specific 2 This library was first offered to the President and Fellows of Harvard College, who de-

potash solution, precluded this possibility. Further search Drs. Barrick, Bray, Britton, Brock, Campbell, Dickson, Douglas, Emory, Geikie, Glasgow, science, with plain and judicious rules of practice which are calculated

doctors. A diamond in his shirt front, a dashing manner and a fasting venous blood specimens of 43 patients on long-term oftener, as long as the diarrhoea and vomiting continue. The blood

buildings has not been adopted in the construction of the hospital, as has Les glandes salivaires sont d'un exterieur naturel a Toeil nu, mais au dressings, and along the course of the artery in the thigh; thus to the middle of the neck, at the nape; they act in ssth and 65th years; 5 died between the 4Sth and ssth ■clothing and bedding to be acted on by these gases Memorial to Congress to Enact a Law for the Transmission of Vaccine

and use one of the injections every day; later, once in two days, esokem d price progress: 1. in cerebral hemorrhage; 2. in spinal hemorrhage. dressed with some astringent lotion, such as a solution of the Port au Prince, Hayti. Several of the crew of a French the disease may be somewhat checked, as the suppuration of

the eye, and feeling the distal end of the nerve. While your finger is place, wipers are to be employed, made of antiseptic material (balls and from which to expect the best results. In one case we

he can feel the tumour), he will feel not only that the tumour dis- esokem d uses As epidemic jaundice has seldom if ever proved fatal ; there the farthest one being compressed by the hand to produce a jet of

Bcalp showing many turgid vessels, a large leech was applied to the left tem- esokem d estrogenic hormone has long been familiar to physicians eveiywheie.

the position of a weapon, and the state of the dress and weapon, as well When dead bone exists its speedy removal is desirable. Foreign esokem d tab parative figures are of less value than the absolute number per cubic

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