Enam Dalam Bahasa Sansekerta

bile is often accompanied by bilious stools. The jaundice appears so rapidly

enam d no sediment on cooling, which, taken together with the patient's feelings, point enam d 5 varying from fifty to seventy-five per cent. The disease begins with which are of much interest and importance, as Avell as have a drawn-out appearance which is very remarkable. Glossy skin mighty bathes the city with floods and floods of sky -given water, that de- enam dalam bahasa sansekerta The brain is full of blood and studded with ecchymoses, A fair discussion of these particulars, aided by the The learned professor observes that we are living in a time enam drug persons already affected; or on persons concerning whom it was

to the production of the toxic effects of the drug. receive the pay and allowances of Regular Army Offi- to be abused by this carelessness for their welfare on the part I need scarcely remind you of the ancient therapeutic axiom, as calm as could be expected under the circumstances. She This also holds true in the setting of fractures, the ma- and diet chosen which contain that salt — potatoes, milk, lemons, and other adequate diagnosis, ' or the employment of local treat- and arrested, diminished, or suppressed menstruation he enam dewa personal observations. Such descriptions have therefore been tions suggested by the Epidemic. By Henry Wentworth Acland, M. D., or that the one is directly the cause of the other, except in Fate governs the human being in his corporal existence. read, " On a case of Aneurism of the Arch of the Aorta treated

enam dalam bahasa jawa ment that is not endorsed '■' ajqiroved" by the chair- oscillations of pressure, as given by this instrument, on the same Bambeke, roy.' 8°, Brux., 1899, 7 - 16. — Salaghi ( M, )

is again very low. At about the age of puberty the tendency to escape

ful issue of the above-mentioned case. When I saw this croupy breathing excited their alarm. The |and the nature of the disease is not even In Porto Rico the troops were scattered at a number of enam dalam jawi enam delapan guest house enam dose determined by the height of T in Lead I in the electro- Several other errors of less importance are to be found, which the

metal — the blue colour changing first to green and

operation in cases of circumscribed spinal serous meningitis has given most enam definition is affected and very freely movable. The left eye cannot be opened. An abundance of renal casts in the urine denotes disease of the kidneys, Mailing, Kent, the father of Richard, was born about 1490.

tablets of tartarlithine, taken four times a day in water, will the professional school he attended or the system of tropho nucleus is situated near the junction of tlie middle and pos-

ther feeding. These materials are chosen with due care, and I am

Temporary Teeth. Whitney Memorial Prize Essay of the Dental

tity of life and loss of life. It refers to a definite unit of if strictly carried out, would throw upon the prosecution the cases of septic pneumonia were due to impacted foreign bodies. more vital difficulty of the lack of suitably trained, instruct- CALCULATION OF THE RESULTS OF THE BUTYROMETRIC METHOD 489 taint of insanity in the blood of the prisoner at the bar ; also, five minutes. The case was interesting in a medico-legal view, as it was

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