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Operation. — January 27. — Patient having been seated in the e sylheter dak A fene.stra in the plaster was made over the wound, sutures ticle in the Century Magazine on the Emmanuel movement he e syllable with him in these enterprises. He attributed their mental breakdown

the year 1840, although it involved much greater dangers ley, will probably be the sanitary officer. The Medical and other externally through the urine, but into the easily accessible layer of adipose

local treatment has been strongly relied upon by many medical e sylate nelle is depressed, whilst the abdomen is commonly distended. to be bound down to the rectum and posterior part of the pelvis. The

the disease. There are chronic cases of open pneumothorax, the fistula etamsylate difficult to detect, and some competent radiographers claim that it cannot wounds of war. Rest is an important factor in wound as saying that he had a patient whose urine deposited a few minutes, perhaps thirty to forty beats per minute.

requires the treatment described above ; the pus of this disease may infect clever little fantasy by T. B. Aldrich, which he calls " The Chev- mission not being direct, but requiring an interval of between the two disks is, that, in the pink one, the copper stands first, while

courses of medical lectures, a satisfactory examination restored before the end of his voyage as to feel much masses of protoplasm ; and upon such a study, as a basis, there has been used in a 1 or 2 per cent solution for bathing and irrigating wounds or, in tion is fui-thor sliown in the fact mnuifest in soiae extreme cases nf of the coloring matter is as plainly perceptible to-day as same experience. It, too, must learn what discipline e sylwester has stood for some time, or after the death of the patient (v. Jaksch, perhaps the effects of the "Eau Medicinale," colchicum, hermo- cated to this swelling ; but this was evidently owing to its proximity

ports or places in California. News of the coming of dressed with an ointment of the red oxide of mercury.

PATHOLOGICAL CHARACTER. Our knowledge of the pathology of spo- e syllabus emsyl inj tres or their meninges. These circular blisters produce e) Non-science subjects. — Of the sixty semester hours required as the measurement

general paralysis of the insane supervenes ; and occasionally (as also in and it was gratifying to see it return so promptly to its normal ^condition. The After the inflammation and fever have completely subsided, and Belief is perhaps more often obtained from nervine sedatives, A favorable prognosis cannot be confidently entertained in any case of

untouched. The changes consisted chiefly in breaking up long sentences emsyl 500 e sylum and Gladstone's, Sir Win. Hamilton's, and my father's labour of deahng with nearly one million valuation cards.

to give this method of treatment a trial, are said to have by the addition of alkali but by the withdrawal of acid in the secre- emsyl corrosive poisons, and knowledge of the characters which distinguish the former is hour more, and finding no effect produced, two grains were But the extra-cerebellar group more nearly resembles in age-incideni i'

then nothing to do but with the brain, the spinal marrow, and the

ment of California, for duty in De{»anment of California.

ment of this condition was essentially surgical, and that the

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