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$100.00 weekly indemnity, accident and sickness quarterly

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The inspection service of Germany is divided into districts, for each

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nM.I to a I lilir.i .1, uiv,.. It iiia.v Ko iis.mI l.y l!io iiionkoy to j.n-k up

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Third District: Councilor, J. William Thompson, St. Louis:

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as a source of energy to the animal machine, they follow this energy

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surgery, 39 have been tremendously improved; i. e., they

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studied included a numl)er of lymphomata, breast carcinomata. bone

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to which all members are invited, beginning at 1:00

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During the present generation, medicine has advanced very rapidly.

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the animal is unable to swallow the drench of whisky or the carbonate

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passage until it gains the virulence usually i)osse8sed by bovine tubercle bacilli.

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lung by induced pneumothorax. Indications and contraindications

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industry of feeding facilities assuring adequate diet

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Casey, Shederic A Lebanon Jenkins, Paul A Lebanon Summers, Jacob H Lebanon

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the Ohio (now the National) Poland-China Records for the years

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en masse, and often the two C children and Nancy H used to come. The

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similar kind ; and this is true of every animal and plant in the whole

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extend this microscopic examination, for to carry out such an inspection of the car-

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Ninth District: Councilor, Eldon C. Bohrer, West Plains.

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actinomycotic pus. Both postpharyngeal glands were slightly enlarged, watery, and

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in certain types of macrocytic anemias, and Cardiolipin, a stable non-nitrogenous

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,,,,a,.o.l bv ..i,-at.ioial tissuo, so that a soot.on o. tho oo,-. .•ovoalo.l noth-

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tect our cattle interests, saying that the existence of pleuro-pneumonia

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stained and mounted. This is partictdarly true when fresh imfixed

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normal; (6) no serious infections manifest; (7) the

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Primary, 2d: Small pancreas with minute fat necroses and extensive

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The water-cloaett In this canning establishment are located In separate rooms, clean In

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admission. In addition to the other findings, it was noted that, on close

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The economic value of the hog in Denmark is now so great that

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develciped: the iMie. a h \ peisicicl inn iil epiliepll line, wllieli ai'tivates

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a number of plans are here presented, with brief descriptions. The

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The mare was bitten on the right side of the face a few inches above

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