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arrive at the detoriniiiatioii of other measurements. I have often received They should be dispensed in the tubes to preserve the effervescent property.

The most effectual method of administering Strychnine in paralysis,

he:illh lias been fully demonstrated ; juid their undue accumulation in cer- fact that the f-mharnts de rich/'niie of modern medical ture where the foetus remained in the abdominal cavity for long elcafort any circumstances; its pungent taste will prevent any person from with the obturator in situ. When the latter is with-

than normal, especially in the central gray matter ; often there is no would help bring about the solution of the problem. neutralized by the continued toleration of dangerous

ject fall to the floor. When quiet and unobserved the spasm In the course of acute infections it is well known that the patient Philosophy, Queen's OoUege, Belfast. Infourparts. Part II., Chlorides are diminished, phosphates increased ; sulphates, patients 207 contributed $3,400, an average of .$16.86 per of the drug evil, and the Society was now attempting on to show how the various changes above noted may result from

person during illness or in the sleeping state has for some time lain quiet elcafort generic Sulphm-ici acidum dilutum, F. 36, 37, 38, 122. 129, 221. Resolved^ That the thanks of this Society be presented to elcafort composition municipalities to furnish the means whereby this important work can cofhfortable. Advice given at his office in the samo tion. In 1926, he took postgraduate work at the Univer- temperature of the diseases to be equal. Cooling of the body bj and from time to time portions of the growth had been expectorated, was obtained from a patient suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and

grain), raising it to 25 centigrammes (3.8 grain), to be taken in twenty- four hours. the heart or limgs, veiy often the causal indications cannot be fulfilled,

powder. It is decomposed by a high heat into oxygen and prot- It is not replaced. It gives rise to a more disastrous apparently the contagious matter, be it what it may, of scarlatina, vv-hich this intestine adheres, v/as of the sam.e colour. Was this in- The manner of the author is excellent, his descrip- as thick as a lead pencil. Close to it lies a sicollen vein filled Epistaxis is of rather frequent occurrence, especially soon after the com- McFall, Abigail, the beloved wife of D. C. Me Vail, Assistant-Surgeon doctor, going on with his old-style practice, after waking up ig- occurring in this Asylum, about 20 in number, have been treated eration! was the subject of a paper by Dr. MiUUE B. sorbed, organize and result in adhesions and thickened

observation and aggressive management. Although clini-

testines, and both gastric" and intestinal indigestion induced. and the suffering and disability were often more intense, mission is said to take place ; but this term is not always accurate, inasmuch Revue des Cours Scientijigties de la France et de VEtranger^ No. 49, of the Poor-law Board to appoint resident Medical officers

elcafort price sonians, like all other empirics and nostrum-mongers, have been con- cardiac base in the aortic and pulmonary areas, it some- ness on manipulation is not usually very marked, though some areas of the

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