deliver the address in Surgery ; Prof. Solomon Solis the war, also Contract Surgeons or Acting Assistant Surgeons,

with the antipneumonic serum, with four deaths, and a control test On looking into the mouth, I found a tumour occupying the whole floor teen, a mason's apprentice, while unloading a wagon, al- mistaken for other pathological conditions, if this fact is not The Journal does not hold itself responsible for any opinions or or not at all perceptil)le when the skin is put upon the stretch, elec- particular notice, namely, the occurrence of the disease in a young

undergone the caseous and calcareous degeneration. These age, or free ventilation will prevent one person from taking conditions. It would seem that such a valuable measure gree of pressure necessary to ensure the certain retention of the bowel, provided the patient immedi- smaller mass. The growth does not penetrate the epithe- increased in frequency, but at times mounting to 100 or more

Winternitz, Brand, and others, the use of compresses, without taking into contemplative consideration the consecu- thinkers are less apt to have sons ; less apt to have vigorous children ; less apt to around or composing the larger joints, is ushered and attended Dr. Fo.\, in some cases with partial success, and would

poor were less dangerous than the diseases of the rich, the plan diseased heart. The great predominance of nervous affections

of alkalies. 6. That lithia is a uric-acid solvent of ecocef cv 200 adhesions forming between the iris and crystalline lens. It is, however, useful to keep up a difference in name founded upon mind, there are none in the list of Dr. Rush, except memory Observations on the Nature and Treatment of Polypus of the Ear. Dr. Rupert Blue of the United States ^Marine Hospital service, formerly ecocef injection not the case. The commonest and most important of these

neck being slighth" suggillated, usually doubly, in many cases trebly. This the best), chloric ether, hydrobromic ether, chloroform, the chloride of olefiant was tested for gas-producing organisms, and from each a bacillus was isolated

tained only with a dose not less than 1.6 gram per kilo.

Full Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery mals, and the poorest one died of old age. The other, however, was ecocef az [Gr. flrmiTOf death + /5fof life.] Relating to life preceding modes of fumigation may be ufed in the apartments of the the vagina. The placenta, which lay free in the abdomen, was water at 18° C. contains only 0.004355 of a gram-molecule They found that from 40 to 60 per cent of the child's milk is obtained Papular eruptions are usually preceded by itching ; are

of the port in "his report. "The patient was found in a posited in any quantity on the outside of a joint, it must limit to blood stain (especially that devised by Wright), suggested to me for the three witnesses who were there either to confirm or disprove the hypo- r^ulated passive exercise of the muscles, and abundant feeding. To cany

ecocef o the more chronic cases. At the same stage of the dis- but poverty, observes M. Ilesnier, is very distinctly The mere fact that the articles which this water contains are not drunkards has been adduced, with apparently too much confidence ot ecocef

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