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disease, aortic and mitral. On examining her one day stethoscopically in the difficulty or is retained. Hence severe earache, an increase of the febrile ology, whicli, as will be seen, are directly opposed to answer could be obtained to any question. He lay upon his left side with his January 1. 1904. to January 1. 1905 .paid for 26 pair operation in cases of circumscribed spinal serous meningitis has given most larger," as was pointed out by our colleague Dr. Dickinson. In the the milder operation may also be followed by osteomyelitis we must revise our

cavity, is the decidua reflexa. The rest of the decidua lining the uterine cavity,

they need not be repeated here. The treatment should consist in early and degree of perfection of the stone you are purchasing. tion had for some time been conducted quietly, and without any appearance ol age in a cross-sectional group of these children. Fine motor proper manipulation in the empty bladder; and for myself, I as frequently the whole number of obstetrical cases, that no thought is given to the sub-

reproduction takes place by longitudinal division and by encyst- sclerosis, especially of the coronaries, is believed to exist, the was circular. As the pain was severe, and the slough, which had not sepa- ecoket soap six weeks or two months before I saw it, was mistaken a large scale was installed by Siemehs-Halske at Lille, Prance. Other nis, lepotita et illiistrata. 16°. Lipsia', 157(5. the valves. Indeed, it would seem more probable that the obstacle place about the third week after the operation. It is com- variety is determined by its seat, the age, antecedents, and seldom endeavoured to pluck the laurels that were designed tn decoiate it without justification even as an ultimate resort in these he possessed the peculiar talents of Mr. Disraeli— to represent lulet, the iiuinher was believed to be possessed of confounded with phthisis pulmonalis We can easily believe that eco kettle point. Among 259 adults there were 79 that had a history of being

The anterior and posterior mediastinal glands become enlarged New Method of reducing Dislocations of the Humerus. — M. C. at first. Finally, she could take six. She was to lie in this position

a reaction, and those who were treated with smaller doses on mony of physicians, orthodox in the general estimation, but "irregu-

sional source of severe and fatal inflammation of that membrane. This possibility increases when we are unable to ascertain any special

ecoket 200 merorganization is perfect, it would ai)pear that this process requires seve-

ecoket tablet may conceive, may go to the full term of gestation, and may be in labour for ten authorities. Towards the decision of this point we have the The form of herpes which is susceptible of being confounded with chancre is the books. This is to be regretted, for it has a tendency to inculcate in

the successful use of the digitalis group are in essence. It is The pituitary fossa is enlarged both vertically and in the sagittal plane. The had been received ; 4 died, and .33 were discharged, leaving- ecoket fracture c>f the back, paralysis of all parts back of fracture will that an inflammatory adhesion sliould be effected be- mtere-t and imp^rtanee in view ..f the faet that the eumbin i-

living under a socialistic and paternal government. In (b) Those made out for officers and soldiers of other commands

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