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that the Aruiy Med cal Board intended to confine their choice of exami-

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Tlie New York Eye and Ear Infirmary has commenced to

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Mr. Geo. Whitehouse, Secretary, 27, Regent Street, Wrexham, by

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specimen of uterine fibroids. Di. C. Y. Pearson showed por-

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which we drew, and which we submit must necessarily be

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Surgeon-Major P. J. Damanla, Bombay Establishment, for four months on

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tions. Regulations and plans will be sent out to the trade

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The next (sixty-fifth) annual meeting of tlie German Society

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cated by the growth of the city, which now has daily to dis-

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whom the paralysis had persisted, and other cases are re-

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struggle, in which I feared I might succumb along with the patient, I

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. stacked and destroyed large portions of the lungs, and

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of echinococcus cysts for the vibratile cilia of Naunyn, and was

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In a recent case (Bailey r. Cox) which was tried before Mr. Justice

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provisions, it Is needless to say, ought in such a matter to be strictly

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