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» l.rtturi' im AnfurvMu oi iho .\b<lominal Aorta, Lancet, October 14, 1905.

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affected At that time I saw the patient twice only, and was unable to

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lucinations of smell, and this points in the same direction.

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pox, fever, or diphtheria is excuse enough for his removal,

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the nose as far as the ala nasi. This implication of the side of the nose

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London; Medical Staff; Mr. W. W. L. McLean, Boston; M.B., M.A,;

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that side liable to be inflamed from want of the protective act of

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ease was less likely to be kept out by any system of inspec-

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dr^CLh' to tbe gSotlisu A 4 per coot. ^TimiM <£ OKmi ^nsar jikr- le^

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and hence aggravates the anemia of tuberculosis. Cod-liver oil, as

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placards, and circulars illustrating the preparations made last

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ward, the axilla should be carefully examined to note whether there

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in some, however, not until after repeated examinations. The com-

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These questions, suggested by bedside experience, show that the

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arsenic and narcotics as a means of suicidal poisoning, in

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Ufe unless the parts are quickly scarified, so as to reduce this danger-

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sees children almost naked, having kicked aside the bedclothes and

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was in a warm climate, and then remaining to torment him for years

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surgery have effectually abolished surgical infections.

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Additional plates were made from A and B. The plates prepared fr&jn A

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K^cii o.»=<r^ r^L> t#t ^r»rscn:#!ff a^ t iKan sinxiiilaiit. along with : if

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Another striking evidence of autodigestion, to which we have re-

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Gostling, York : Mr. C. W. Glassington, London ; Mr. J. H. Gornall,

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The Commission of tlie Pari Mutuel has given 24,000 francs

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fusion of normal saline raised the flow perhaps by diluting

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with the gold cure of Dr. Keeley. We take the earliest

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the system of employing unqualified assistants should be put

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took this drug, like other people in his country, for improving his sexual

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ing to their symptoms ; secondly, according to their

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JVIarcus Beck has come upon many, even of those who only

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of personal or general interest, in which it might otherwise

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air, putrefaction has been set up, and that this had caused the rest of the

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events which follows tlie fertilisation of an egg lias been ac-

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lo whiih n\av bo mI\ck\ a yellowish tinge to the eyeballs. Vomiting

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place of the training which apprentices received, medical

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