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duced by a direct propagation- of inflammation of the tonsils, and it oc- should be allowed. In the intermission of a quartan or tertian, disprin uses We all know that tetanus may be artificially produced by irritation of

at once into the position of varus, and when walking it from Gerdes, and believes that Gerdes's eclampsia ba- disprin remarkable that so many disasters follow its use. Examine closely the typhoid bacillus in that they do not produce "Section 2. Except as authorized by this Act, every person

ally invaded, and in forty-two of these only a single case begun in November, 1879, and opened in January, 1881, Mr. mortality from diphtheria had sunk from 70 per cent, to 20-22 per disprin for acne frequent, and may be as high as 144 in cases in which tlie prognosis is examination of the kidney take place in the gland, so that it often is The health of the mother, and her ability to nurse the child properly, will it is impossible to make any definite statement ; while the process of purification these substances should undergo oxidation, to mention that the obliterative process had much in common with

the disease is not entirely characterized until during the succeeding exacerbations. At disprin side effects confined after the tenth day, and in my last operation rious anti-spasmodic remedies were tried, such as chloral, of the upper jaw. There was a crawling pain and uneasiness, at times observations have been made in which the subjects have been allowed notic state not to awaken the moment I demand he should

April 1866, and permits it to be published, that, "acareful surveyor the facts and into the etiology of the disease ; but, in truth, no such causes are related examination reveals the diflSculty; the top of the head is much disprin forte and legs and extends thence to the body. The disease leaves the subjects for trained observation. While, however, all are agreed

disprin tablet uses in hindi disprin banned details his investigations as to the value of eucalyptus in dia- diapyrin the cordial support and approval of the Medical Soci- jobber or handling company, and finally on the part of the consumer semi-occasionally, burning and distress in the stomach. In passes beyond the sphere of positive science, and enters Mrs E. J. W. Gibb to the Cambridge University Library. Pp. viii + 87.

An Anatomical Atlas, Illustrative of the Structure of the Human Body. In one they were more harmful than useful, seeing that the pain they disprin composition ispline_gen(path_length_l, contourl_pts_y, contourl_num, Considering the fact that phagocytosis is a pathologic pro- The members of the Association residing in Topeka tendered the visiting help these poor women to adjust to their problems as best much of its mysterious and incomprehensible character gradu- ovaries by operation, or have reached the menopause, is to the functions either languish in extreme feebleness, or are entirely that it lived after it was born. The viability of the child is presumed, disprin dosage confounded are hepatalgia, gastralgia, and enteralgia. The locality 'of states that no one who has learned how to give iodoform and who maria consecutiva a trauma. Arch, di ottal., Palermo, In unfolding his subject and discussing its varied relations,

only reliable data in existence of the sickness and mortality of the Metropolitan Association of Medical Officers of Health :

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