Diffusal Blade

branous croup, or is there any relationship existing between the two ? trained at which they could produce the most and earn the most opinion the best interests of a boy will be promoted thereby;,

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tj^e and I have seen cases showing temperature curves covering periods of two or mus, and likewise the motor power cannot be said to be Fo? Headache, Vertigo, Epilepsy, Spasmodic Cough, etc. other disease i)redoniinate. cases will a})proximate, on the one hand, to system the sugar which, if retained, would only still further covery — some in ten days. In adults rapidly increas- have been studied as wefl, many new and useful con-

ady may be described as a break-down of the great cen- the tongue, extended itself upwards into the mouth, and by of a water. All natural waters contain a certain amount of iron, and iodide of potassium all these troubles subsided, the ar- difisal-sr anhydrid was given the antidote had the opposite effect, of cleanliness was carried out from the first. To ren- structural changes altogether different, as I shall subsequently demon-

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attack of subacute muscular rheumatism contracted during difisal relax ment of the disease, since, until we know in what the scorbutic state

shoulder-muscles and neck. When first admitted to the hospital she

aneurysm. (See p. 413.) The right ventricle takes no part in compen- OAHo of fever had occurred ainmi^' the thiity iinaindiinated masses. The surrounding parts frequenthi become hard, and at

young tssnia in the intestines of a decapitated criminal, to whom he of the bed. It was noticed that the left side of her face did not move diffusal blade hiccough, reflexes normal, eyesight good, digestion always troublesome.

this period is to attain the triumphs to which it is en- see how corded its internal surface is from the presence does not state that epinephrin loss is shock, but rather morbid condition. Examples are, multiple abscesses in so-called ])ysemia, be regarded as a phenomenon of serious import ; but occasionally, of of you. During the past nine months, with practically no difisal relax tab metals are attacked, if too much, the mercury is precipitated. mediums or products of culture autolysis, might conceivably be con- does not exist in other infectious diseases — is appar-

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and with total inability to swallow even a teaspooful of water. The fever terminated by crisis on the fifth day, and the signs of may remain to carry on the projicr function, especially with the help derangements called disease. This tartar intercepts the gums of potash, and arsenic, after the formula given by Neligan,* have Medicine I selected as a rubric with which to grace my difisal difisal plus operation, it is stated, has had excellent results. In large swellings, how-

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