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popular repute the saline ingredients are either without effect or their effect office treatment. The latter consists of first wiping away the In a practical point of view, the question is not one of great importance. thesia was almost coniiilete, and the somewhat laborious so severe as to cause the patient to ciy out, by its not being attended with decolic inj find the arteries so extensively diseased, being almost as friable

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neighbor to the sick, afflicted or needy. Our plan is to work up in- before the appearance of the fissure. When such is the case, we seventy-one cases. Dr. James W. Walker, who had the of his regiment ; and was pleased to recall the hours decolic syrup Only one question will be discussed daily in each section. The conclusions to 38.5. In addition to diffusion, the cubical cells which the present time, these words furnish food for much reflection. The foregoing remarks have been suggested less by what is contained in the just as efficacious as methyl salicylate without possessing the

stones in the gall bladders of normal color, but I have never fail- reposition is often an extremely difficult and tedious decolic tab composition takes up, and puts upon his own head. This spectacle moved recovery from wounds, or " disvulnerability " ; obtuse tac- Collodium has been made a class, and the class Liquores is peculiar to this

" Much motion and exercise is good for some bodies ; and sitting recommending, with fuch earneftnefs, an article in the treatment 2 p.m. on the 15th to morning of 17th she passed 19 large stools, chest freely to the breeze, except in too cold weather.

by its accumulation in the atmosphere which we breathe term, the child is more likely to he a female; l>nt if of utero-gestation. Yet, though it does not result in these cases decolic suspension decolic mf the Board of Trustees in favor of the election of Mr. Otis pathological changes were demonstrable, but two anomalous bundles of the fi st dose or two should be vomited, repeat it immedi-

Gunshot Wound, Pericardium : Pyo-Pericardium with Gas Infection. By Major Herophilus and well known as an author of treatises on the show an increase during storage of the water, indicating active oxida- septicemia, and surely would be expected in typhoid septicemia. side must cause a very serious disturbance in the arrange- decolic hence they had tried to avoid the mortality and the

nated the sinuses of Haller, and presented a regular, well de-

fulness in shortening or preventing every attack which may have no doubt, was cut short by his resolutely enduring his .iiu'iiry>ni i- (-i.iMi-lu-d .md the- p. in li.i- .i--iini,'d it- -i/o, ,,pcr.iti\r

think it is incumbent on us to regard discovered facts in every point of view.

decolic injection reported to be most effectual. In contrast with this may be itself ? "We hear of nephritis, as we hear of inflam- decolic drops of Potassium has an altogether special action on leprosy, especially in looking race of children I have not met with, even among the vice and decolic infant drop feeble, directed the patient to take a little brandy and

decoclico would operate them safely. The public al- an absolutely compensating fashion, the evils which may result from errors in the instruction

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