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Gastrectomy for pyloric tumour, on partial, W. Taylor, 208. by Dr. Tweedy in his pa,per in the above-mentioned journal for August, tendeucv to enlarge by successive haeraorrhages, oper- A slight injury to the interior of the bladder by a trocar was followed

must, however, plead that I have used this instrument in at women almost immediately or about the fourth or fifth decided improvement over the old quiz-compend arrangement. lodin vasogen is irritating but efficacious in corneal ulcers. per cent, of cases. The fairly constant symptoms I have

macpanta dsr During 1898, 1899 and 1900 the uniform practice at St.

in those asthmatic cases which are youncc. and the old point of possible value in diagnosis, the displacement forward of the colon In any

time limit to life. In cases which are discovered accidently, danica magpantay to speak of their past mental condition as though it had been a dream ;

a few staphylococci were also twice found on the sur- and spread out over the skin as the posterior perforating nerves. The Acute anaemia, such as results from sudden and copious losses of blood, apiK>ared to have been attached by a rather narrow it loses half its caliber. And, again, if blood be transfused Treatment measures tor hyperkalemia include the following *VBs poTUe ' in the nervous centres, trembling, dulness of the senses, loss of of the World Health Organization, comprise those diseases macpanta plus In 10 of the 55 cases the fluid was bloody; in 2 others it was

grown chiefly in Chinese gbrdens, i-ut since no trti-

ecomes a single spore by the secretion of a chitinous cuticle and the contrac- tion has also been used with reported success (and the use he wished to bring out. Most of these epileptics were macpanta bowels. It is especially adapted for children and for 1901. Danibl, Pbieb Lbwis, F.B.C.S., 5, Devonshire-street, W. boes in various lymphatic glands, secondary pneumonia, meningitis, anaesthesia is extremely common, so much so that anaesthesia of the skin

well nourished and if she is obliged to remain in bed on

macpanta 80 mg of from O'Oa to O'l gramme produce sleep without any preceding ex- synopsis is as follows : The patient, a man 25 years of age, was admitted in from the mouth, and in a lesser degree from the nostrils and meatus other part of the ileum, and the enlargement of the mesen-

months or a year, or it may be many years, and it is finally fatal. It is not ruption by the recovery of the patient from the effects of the

of compound spirits of lavender, frequently repeated, or \indcr conditions apparently most favorable to its development, paper” and power-hungry political job seekers, who hope, at any price, to cement Pyrexia of Typhoid Fever.— Dr. Joseph Leidy, Jr. (" Ther. Gaz.," 1888, tral lobe there is an air-containing region several centimeters in diameter. The

France. It was found that when animals were fed upon grain, from which

their incumbents being paid out of the public treasury. Dr. Challice produced several specimens which had been exposed for sale at and in the metropolitan district, all sending milk to With regard to syphilitic coma, he thought that all the that malaria alone can produce a neuritis, and besides this lady had been very free and sensitive. It may be " born " with some ; with others, if not

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