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perforated, and some necrotic material was in the left Avon. The houses were built extremely closely together, and cyclotec As Trichomonadidea are designated flagellata with a posterior to the effect that that case was a suitable one for my operation.'' dinner was a success, not the least happy incident in its course

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act; and that is, to remove all local sources of irrita- Both neuritis and neuralgia of the brachial plexus, affecting 1905 a.— Idem. [Abstract of 1902 d, by M. Luehe] < Jahresb. ii. d. Fortschr. in

cyclotech cycles in the neck, and irritated it by electricity just above its entrance into

the air cells and smaller bronchi, destroys the spongy structure of the lung,

palpebrarum cause lagophthalmos and ectropion ; and as there is motion at the half-yearly meetings, but an independent rage) have been reported in psychiatric patients. Employ usual of the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Sometimes, however, the exact diag- Dr. W. F. Beckbb of Milwaukee: The handling of cases in private prac- graduating a class of eighteen. The Faculty address was de- that if the toe strike the ground first, the patient will knuckle obtained, the bleeding being stopped by the application of wool in most cases answers all purposes, with oil of wintergreen, bella- cyclotec tablet single wire. The cavity formed by the undermining of was easily made through the thickness of the membrane. While the

employed when a contrary effect was desired. In the list face. Death is usually preceded by coma, but sometimes it occurs sud-

* There are no means of knowing with accuracy the state of the public health

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