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chiefly to its fulfiling all the indications in pneumonia almost as well

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ing an artificial immunity against the disease to which the

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and chilliness prevented by accumulating heat on the surface before the

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from 3 to 5 mm. or more. Rarely, the solitary glands, which vary in

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Seedling, September 5 to 7; Smock and Beer's Smock, Sep-

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i^tiology. — The causes are {a) specific and {h) predisposing.

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not only spoil, a good wine, but deserve the horrors of diges-

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tional disturbances of the sympathetic and pneumogastric nerves.

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surface of the body, the black vomit, the early albuminuria, and the clear

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or. better still, of the c<>nd)ined salts similar to those ju-esent in the

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lower organization, are naturally the first to be removed by

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Influence upon circulation was also favorable. Only during the

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out a stomach. A new motto has been generated. What is

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types, but if we do not add arsenic to the bark alkaloid we

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the blood and produces hectic fever and other symptoms we

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tree bearing this fruit is Punica granatum. There are two

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relatively intense cooling of the blood conduces to prolonged narrowing

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are urgeci in all beginning infections of even the fingers, so im-

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fl Kindly specify Acetophen if you prefer "Frosst's" Products.

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States it is encountered most frequently in the Southern and Southwest-

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may be introduced separately, and after being lodged in the stomach

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Hydriatic is an adjective in common use, qualifying nouns con-

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After returning from summer affiliations. Pedretti became

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to ])oi>nlation — 7.4 per one thousand — occurred in Philadelphia:

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iislodge it to-day, when we have come to realize that this is only one of

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may necessitate further therapeutic interference, and at such times a com-

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berg— Champagne " a Drink for the Gods," as well as an Inven-

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easier it rises. These are very important facts for physicians

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conmionplace of surgery that any part of a linger or thumb is

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have exploded, yet the wine is not always lost, but is caught

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Blockley was enormous. There were the old men's wards,

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when the skin is cut or bruised, as after blistering or an eczematous

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water and the successive shocks imparted to the body by the moving

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but the latter is the ordinary agent of transport for long distances. Flies,

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conjunctivfe) may be observed. The icterus is probably due to disinte-

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