Building Insurance

Building insurance your property against damage, this includes the main house and often also includes outside buildings such as garages, greenhouses and sheds.

The policy usually includes fire, flood and subsidence damage

Most policies also cover fixed items such as baths, toilets, sinks and drains.


Business Insurance

There are a whole range of insurance policies on offer to cover all aspects of business, from public liability insurance to professional indemnity insurance.

The following section outlines the main areas in which a business might need to carry insurance...


Car Insurance

UK law states that anyone driving on a public road in the UK must be insured against causing injury to another person (ie a third party) and/or damage to their property. This is a minimum requirement, it is also possible to insure your own property against loss or damage.

The following sections describe the different types of insurance...


Home Contents Insurance

Most policies cover against fire, theft, flood and malicious damage. In addition, most insurers include accidental damage to TVs, furniture, etc.

If your home becomes uninhabitable following an insured loss, policies should provide for alternative accommodation,

Personal liability cover is also usually included for the policyholder and members of the family permanently residing at the home. The maximum cover varies between insurers, but is usually between one and two million pounds.

For an additional premium, cover can be extended to include accidental damage to your contents.

Many insurance policies work on a "New for Old" basis. In the event of a claim, your insurers will pay for or replace, as new, the contents claimed for if they cannot be repaired. Also check if your policy covers personal belongings outside the home

You should check the small print of the policy for any limitations regarding any of the above before you sign up with a particular insurance company.


Medical Insurance

The main benefit of private medical insurance is rapid access to treatment and choice over the timing of treatment compared with the NHS.

It should be noted, however, that there are important exclusions relating to circumstances when people with private medical insurance will find that their insurance company will not pay for treatment. Anyone considering subscribing to private medical insurance should be aware of these exclusions.


Pet Insurance

This covers your pet for vet bills, as well as purchase cost in the event of death.

The policies are mainly for cats and dogs, however, other specialist insurers may cover other types of animal.

The policies do not cover routine check-ups, but will cover illness or injury to your pet. If you are taken ill, many policies will cover the cost of Kennel or Cattery fees to look after your pet.

Some policies also provide liability cover, so if your pet causes injury to another person, your costs will be covered if they are awarded compensation.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance covers you against personal injury, loss of baggage or money, legal costs, and cancellation costs if you are forced to cancel the holiday or trip.

Many policies also provide personal liability cover.

It is advisable to check the extent of medical cover, especially when travelling to places such as the United States.



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