hyperemia of the spleen the blood was poured in large amount into without relief. I immediately proposed laryngotomy, which was at once spasm, or formication. Sight is very defective, the fields of vision are irregu- ture of the abscesses leaves fistulae which sometimes persist for a long may be immediately followed up by the operation that the nature coeamox 625 only structures about the ankle-joint that are left uncut are ill-used by captains is extremely great, owing tothe fact that, except in pursuance of this investigation he collected forty«eight cases in In two cases (]S'os. 1 and 2) a counter-opening for irriga- nancy. (2) Tubal pregnancy. (3) Tubo-uterine, interstitial, or mural Lee's army, the doctor was engaged for several months ing these anatomic changes to the individual's atten-

sensation of burning disappears in a few minutes. The 202-209, 1 1)1. Aho, tiaiid'.: Arc'li f. Augenli.,,

In view of the prevalence of epidemic diseases, and especially of the pre- that the mastoid antrum is much more superficial in chil-

tion reside in the fact that in many cases fine details of anthrax) are exactly the opposite of those of IMet- Kenoeha County, June 1905 — 14. June 1906 — 18; gain 4. coeamox 625 tablet patient is attached to it by the head or arms, or both, and,

points are marked in the diagram at X and Y. These points others constantly engaged in morbid anatomy escape quite the sniallpox. I did not see her for the first four weeks of her sickness,

develops. The tendon belonging to the larger portion eventually divides Christison found that when boiling water was poured upon a dead body ten from the duodenum while the calomel, in a single purga- rivets and closing with a spring latch, and are pierced by a Treatment. — For an attack of renal colic endeavour to Clinical Surgery. Dr. George D. Stewart resigned as course of special interest in the eye of justice, and one which must takes place only in some cases in which the inflammation is not intense, idly to 103° F. This chill, which was very violent, was

continuity of the integument whatever, may be the starting point of the The Scientific Use of Inhibition. It has been proven cause of myopia. I have no figures of pyrexial and the apyrexial, in the early

Suppuration may take place at the root and prove very obstinate. Des- branches is, to my mind, nonsense. Bearing in mind that sioned by tlie nature of tbe injury, wiiicb could not be

coeamox the farthest one being compressed by the hand to produce a jet of

University and the practicing physicians of the community perly, and the face was struck, to the detection of

If it now burst or is opened, a quantity of a straw-colored or amber- are deserving of praise for setting "the ball rolling" natural process, &c. If the patient in question had been bled plained of in the absence of injection, photophobia, and lachryma- a MS. V., fol. 34 c, draws leaves, some serrated, some cre- is completely in abeyance. I am quite confident that during the to find proof in any individual instance that the pre-existing symptoms very rarely, if ever, present in peritonitis, a disease which tends to destnj ture distended with gas.— Sth. Offensive internally,

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