Proton Gen-2

The all-new GEN-2
This is the first car of a new generation. With Lotus-developed ride and handling, the GEN-2 is a unique family hatchback that gives you reliability, style, comfort and first-rate value for money.



Proton Impian

The new Impian is one of the most important new car launches that Proton has ever made in the UK or any other market. For the first time in it's relatively short history, Proton has produced an original product, taking experience from it's own brand new state of the art Research & Development Centre, as well as design and engineering assistance from major European partners including Lotus, part of the Proton Group.

It also points the way towards Proton's future in this increasingly competitive and ever changing market place. Opportunities abound for a manufacturer who can build good quality mass produced vehicles with passive & active safety through design. With driveability, individuality and traditional value for money packages, Proton are in an excellent position.



Proton Jumbuck

The Proton Jumbuck is a dependable workhorse, which will perform effortlessly and look good for years to come.

Every model comes with a comprehensive warranty consisting of three-year/ 60,000 mile total vehicle warranty, three-year unlimited mileage paintwork warranty and three-years free RAC cover. The efficient 1.5 litre petrol engine can be converted to LPG, making the Jumbuck even cheaper to run.

In short, the Jumbuck gives you everything you need from a commercial vehicle including excellent value for money.



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