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of Dublin, in which the extensor tendons of the four fingers are cat

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trousers, and, on investigation, found the bullet, which had probably

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sion unnecessary, and turn out an order of juvenile if not Admirable

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adopted total abstinence principles, he had been told to take wine to

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brain, can be readily seen. In the situation ordinarily occupied by the

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filled with germs, which, as media of disease, would destroy a people.

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One clause provides that " the General Council may make representa-

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of exposure to the excessive heat of the sun — to deliver the Hunterian

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time. Having determined to try the effect of ether-spray in my next

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were all out gleaning. Three of the children were at that time in the

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The next meeting of the Section will be held at the Midland Institute,

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for extra copies of the Journal, be accompanied with stamps for the amount.

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Lee's Reader in Chemistry (Christ Church) : A. G. V. Harcourt,

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have to attend to the wounded of the enemy as well as their own.

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Dr. Althaus shewed a very neat and portable Machine made by

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tween fermentation and putrefaction. The one led to the formation

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