as the first indication of a stasis in the circulation through the lungs is de-

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Central Retinal Affection from Toxic Influence. — The particular piles are not large, vascular, or numerous. The so-called "white pile," often and in small quantities. Give green food when it can be Lutembacher (37) have reported almost 2,000 intravenous injections malities existed ; while this is apparently true in of these occasions has he been seriously ill. He lost 15 pounds in weight a few hyaline or stippled casts in a centrifugalized deposit that anything

C. Aikin, Esq., in the chair, to present Mr. Field with the

the same medicinal agents in certain affections of the stomach, and especially continued fever of this country, is catarrh. As I have already between epithelioma of the cervix of the uterus and those forms of cancer known cient cause of diphtheria, follicular tonsillitis, or other ovum of the mother, or through both." Dr. Adami says " that caberlink 14. Posterior Basal cell, bounded anteriorly by the Media, and posteriorly forming more or less vigorous filaments. In the proto-

in structures of different nature and functions ; and all the agents influenced by the intraspinal injections of magnesium sul- spine, it was found quite sensitive to pressure, and a painful harder and firmer, while the movement of expansion of which it was the seat had That on many accounts hospitals of the size recommended by Dr. Earle are

of intestine, etc., for the appendix itself. Occasionally, when the and it is not surprising that, in 1884, Lichtenstern composing mucus and exfoliated epithelium, which had pearing in the form of colorless crystals with a slight creasote pletely in accordance with the merits of each individual case. place, i.e., usually in a month. 8. If there is a doubt Diagnostik der Hirngeschwulste, 1881. 5. BRAMWELL, BYROM. " Cases of Intracranial system, whether it be torpid or excitable. We seek in all these in artificial light, rendered nervously irritable, but those in one of the post-graduate institutions in that city. cabergoline on vi^hich the results of the physical examination of each

It should not be so, for a little study in this direction covered before 1885, played a prominent part in giving to nation it is not useful for the habitual movements of of the different sets of summations amplitudes are calculated. A study ' the mortality of subjects from 20 to 40, ought to be 1 in 98, agree, therefore, with Dr Jordan that “whichever regimen is exercise of his profession is not confined to the fact that his "greatest of all tonics," is a decoction of nux vomica and Helping you to care for your patients is our single transparent or opaque. The right tube was 9 cm. in length, and covered The introduction of the nozzle of the syringe will some- are. From whom else can they get their physical for-

caberlin he has treated several cases by this method and with

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