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streets, harbors and bridges are not to be considered. When

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In the solution of a great social problem like that of infant

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(motor unit action potentials) on voluntary minimal

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on and off. and no conflict for o^ '"^"^ "'" <«^« ''°m getting

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amputation, anterior colporraphy, perineorraphy, suspension

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agnosis of discogenic root pressure was initially re-

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thing useful or fine by finding an attachment in full conscious-

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W. T. Howard, M. D. J. J. R. Macleod, M. D. J. E. Tuckerman, M. D

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At least two cases of salpingitis were operated upon

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Health with representatives of local Boards of Health, held in Columbus

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Section VII — Hygiene of Traffic and Transportation

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in both cases showed nothing to the eye, beyond a character-

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stipation, flatus, diarrhea, mild dryness of mouth, sore

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Six weeks is required to effect a change of address.

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demand that something be done to make the water safe, a sana-

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tory) response of the tissues to an increased functional de-

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of medical ethics. Every newspaper story into which there

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markings in right base. (B) Lateral view shows markedly

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I have been asked, and so have other members of the com-

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near the cystic duct. Bile escaped freely during the manipulations. Stones

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ing an empty flaccid bowel and a clean operative field is

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The statistics relating to school population, enrollment

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Society of the State of New York and sessions devoted

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as individuals, to be prepared to see that proper valuation for

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in the summer and the fall months. The etiological factors will

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"The statute making it a misdemeanor to give such treatment for a

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services most of which are related only indirectly to

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Dear Doctor — In answer to your letter of the 13th concerning my

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action. If the physician or hospital were in possession

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M«ch in pot, or boxes, using soil with considerable sand to allow

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where it has been evaporated until the smeU has entirely dtMO-

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shore at various points within the city limits, need hardly be dis-

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