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appeared. There was merely an inactive osteogenesis. The authors con-
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avec autopsie. Lesions de nevraxite epidemique. Bull, et mem. Soc. med. d.
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ually improved, and, at twenty-nine minutes after the injection,
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hypertonus, differed from that met with in diabetes mellitus in being
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studied the cuti-reaction in 67 women during and apart from menstruation,
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ones too, of Clutterbuck, Parry, Marshall, Hall, and Ramsbot-
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caused not only by extinction of the function of the interstitial generative
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nium sulphate. Hoppe-Seyler in 1891 estimated urobilin in urine
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frequency and instability of the pulse. Each morning, while the patient is
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in making the autopsies special reference to this point was made.
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was 1*7 per cent., or four deaths, three of which were due to broncho-
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the presence of gastric ulcer. The true line of distinction is the
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disturbances would probably be revealed by electrocardiograms,
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not confine himself to stimulating the generative glands by ligature of the
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evenings were cold and uncomfortable without an extra gar-
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discovered that the liquid had flowed over the sides of the
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lice, but the former hypothesis is the most probable. Gerstl has not been
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and vague, so that the reader who attempts to correlate these studies is abso-
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2-0-2-5 m.a., target-skin distance 24 cm., time 15 minutes. This was estimated
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cause an absolute lymphocytosis in hyperthyroid individuals. She con-
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use in the laboratory. It is due to this fact that Sorensen's indicator
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egg-white or both, the necroses presented a somewhat different
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ulcer was not of long duration, and yet apparently not complicated
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In the first paper the authors give a short account of the comparative
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which could not be classified 10 per cent. Five years later she was normal
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relaxation of the urethra. The afferent path of this reflex is in the pelvic
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This author now claims to have shown what has so long been in doubt,
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these cases could have no doubt that the white cells are actually disinte-
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operator. A point of interest brought out in the investigation was that
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