Veterinary Estradiol

for a summons. Perhaps if tJie attention of the person referred to is
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(a) The volatile bases are separable from one another by fractional
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Fiessinger practises at Oyonnax, a small town in the Depart-
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patient, a luiil foreman between .'lU aud (50 years of age. has a very mild
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post, and never on any occasion has the principle been set
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but was considered at 16 years of age to have serious chest
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each form of epithelial gland the supporting stroma and
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his " Pyrotechnic Pills," and he would not hesitate to use the
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post part am haemorrhage with collapse, by warm rectal injection of salt
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were heard of in the town last week. At Linthwaite 8 cases ha\.-e sud-
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scesses is about 1010, while that of purulent collections
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have four essential qualities. It should contain some tho-
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ness, obstinate bowels, and increasing size of the tumour. The tumour
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Hahe, F. W. E., M.D.Durh.. M.R.C.S., appointed Senior Resident Medical
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I believe, from what I observed, the society and its medical officerwould
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Christ's, have kept the Act as required for the degree of M.B.
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tine a triangular piece of bone, a quarter of an inch long at
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attempt that he once more obtained a majority in his favour
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reasonably be attained in every country village. In villages
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a glycolytic ferment could be discovered in the pancreas
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ing ; tlie heart was irregular and feeble and his extremities '-edematous.
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urge the necessity for the introduction of a new Public
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Fig. 4.— a, I), Formation of erescentic spores within the daughter
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ever, before the Act of 1867 was passed, and the quality may
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its sittings will probably be resumed elsewhere during next
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Bruns on the human subject, and by Schiff and many others
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general anasarca, mostly preceded by fever, vomiting, and
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St. Bartholomew's. Hours of Attendance.— Medical and Surgical, daily,
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Mr. P. T. .\diins (Four Figurcsi ... ... ... lOul, 1002
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tion by the Council of the Association must send in their
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The following statement from page 278 has a distinct flavour
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Dr. Savijle has during the present mouth been prosecuting inquiries on
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Toxicology in the Medical Faculty of Lille ; His Excellency
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William Thomson, F.R.C.S. Representative on the Council of

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