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Ruhmkorph coil connected with a Crookes tube. The portion of
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of from time to time, in case the heart is perfectly strong and the gen-
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whoop occurs during the paroxysms of coughing. The cough is
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the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is made on pure conjecture ; after-
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In testing, 5 cc. of the reagent are heated to boiling in a test tube; after the
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ous portion of the organ. Occasionally thej" exist in the deep tissues
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muscular exercise. Yet this rule has its exceptions. Such patients,
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statement is one which nearly every physician would indorse. Never-
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There is no doubt but what great emotions overtax the nerve
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fail to be compensated for by hypertrophy, and if oedema sets in,
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and fever may then be set up ; inflammation at the point of least re-
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being an intoxication it seems more suitable to groujj these among
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direction by which the hernia has advanced is very helpful and almost
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filth and decomposing vegetable and animal substances. It is only
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The fancies which take place in this visionary state are afterwards
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it a colored layer is often seen, due to oxidation of indican. When very
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these, the polyuria which accompanies the absorption of dropsical effusions,
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than the bones of the wrist, or carpus. Their arrangment is some-
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last should be used with great caution as it may corrode the sur-
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These are all points of which an explanation must be given ; and
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yellow hue, a condition which suggests jaundice, especially noticeable
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Without attempting to give a definition that shall rise above criti-
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premature, and baldness due to some affection or mismanagement of
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and vegetables in the diet, the citrate of magnesia or a Seidlitz
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of dark complexion, to whom it gives a glossy or greasy look.
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or by punctate cauterizations. If in spite of this the inflammation
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the heart; for such inflammation gives rise to no symptoms or signs
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the body. Being a bad conductor of heat it furthermore protects the
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In i(S82 Dr. Thomas resigned the didactic portion of
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thirty. At each end of this floor are additional rooms,
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fre(iuent occurrence of capillary hemorrhages in difi'erent tissues of
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Stomach and Intestinal Canal. — In the earlj years of obesity, in
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4. Non- Nitrogenous Organic Substances. — a. Acetone, aceto-acetic
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one of the founders of the Pathological Society and of
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mation of the heart and its membranes, attention has already been
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the gi'anular atrophy has reached a certain stage the glycosuria often
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ited to the left ventricle. The muscular substance is darker in color

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