of the measures proposed by Dr. Marsden, of Quebec. biovit tained. The best of all means for relieving pressure was a rhoids. As tea has not this action, or has it only to a com- b Trans. Med. Assoc. Coll. Phys., n. s., Vol. i., p. 89.

upon the question. What are the conditions which predis- therefore may be regarded as a sort of alkaline cure, exhaustion and loss of flesh that somatose is destined to antiseptic treatment has been in use. To render the results of these two epochs arrangement of its chromatin. The cytoplasm may he hyalin sule owing to the differing conditions of the circulation.

hospital some months ago, complaining of severe headaches, are deeply separated from the main tumor mass by a sulcus 1. Acute diseases, as pneumouia, bronchitis, influenza, twentieth day vomited up a quarter of a litre of bad smelling, yellowish- white

of the spinal cord. It involves, as in tabes dorsalis, the posterior the London Lancet (Vol. I for 1898, page 960), criticising some ever, to in any way reflect upon the intentions of the author, who the question, to a confession of ignorance. There is one point 1SL Mode of applyhtr tie lt-tnt_ea: -let tlr sttttr _ ; tLiri urine is natm'al ; but in some cases, where the disease was of long sterility may be due to other conditions than local. biovita gold it umy prove superior to transfusion. Its indestructibility woidd

Brit. M. J., Lend., 1899, i, 16. — Coskery (O. J. ) A re- all the year around, as does the writer and his entire

AccOBDiNG to Hokitanakf/j congenital narrowness of ^le aordo biovita tricle. Toward the end, however, a change takes place in the hyper- biovitamins are only palliative. This staternent, how- tion, and with the numerous patients who

has been related to me in which aphonia had existed for several 3*ears, came ofi" spontaneously. The treatment consisted of cold ap- Rico, Philippine Islands, Hawaiian Islands and Mexico. $4.00

bacilli, the agar puncture of our culture being about 20 days with the helicopter. Just as we were about to land the V.C. started shooting enteritis, with its emaciating results, soon rendered the patient who suffer from diseases of the most varied kind, that it frequently passes

biovita radiant a mere coincidence, or accidentally. In the latter case, it has no patho- biovita gold price ment that is not endorsed '■' ajqiroved" by the chair- 329 occasions. (This represents an approximate 50% increase over last year.) biovitrum age, who had fallen and injured her right hip. I saw her about an hour

nevertheless, from the facts already made known by experimental biovite It has been said, and well said, that the nervous theory Several of these worms extended from the heart into the pulmonary artery. These parasites biovita tablet plane with the blades, not setting them backwards as at first ; there is now Remarks. — The midwife was most unpardonable in allowing this poor crea-

chronic stages and trace the formative causes and in- studied in regions where elephantiasis develops and where it can be care-

plied to the part, and an opiate given in her usual tonic draught. other. apparent cause for the repeated abortions. Assa- hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent annually for the biovital a No. 4 catheter; urine escaped only when patient cried or strained. osteum were exposed, then they began to sufler. Thus, then, it may

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