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fact. India is the paradise of vegetarians and anti-

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medical service has ever been treated with as much con-

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macy, and instead of being able to devote any time to

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how difficult was the analysis of most animal or vegetable matters, and

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to return within them. As I shall not be able to treat the subject again, I

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257 discharged. Twenty deaths occurred. There were 3244

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famous for its hospitality and will be found to be comfortable

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for some years sought to do operative work of such a

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Dr. F. W. Dean, Council Bluffs, Iowa, presented this, saying

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more modem asepsis the transperitoneal operation is


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vom Schauplatz der Aentlichen Thaetigheit wieder zu

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standards, embodying the fundamental principles in-

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it? To this question I answer, in proportion as the return of appetite takes

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court sustained his demurrer, and the supreme court now

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prophylaxis can not be established without the knowledge of

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the temporal lobe giving rise to the symptoms present

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the upper lobe were enlarged. It was distended with air, and contained very

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it may occur. His contention is that actual disease of this

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stances thus formed are strictly specific, that is active

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cal staff were officers of the hospital their conduct might be

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bacilli are often missed in cover-glass preparations and

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function, points toward the retention of fetal, but un-

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died, 8 showed no cause of death except a lack of vitality, 6

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detected near the commencement of the intestinal canal. The man had

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from all pathological and therapeutical discussion, whilst the remedies are

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tion meets all these re<juirements, and he mentions also as ad-

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Dr. Fisher saw him with me at 9 o'clock, all the symptoms had increased;

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small mucous r^es. Postmortem examination disclosed

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traveling public from the contaminations and infections

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These are the four classes of cases. The first is easily recog-

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able business principles in obtaining just remuneration for

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are being dismissed in response to an ultimatum passed by the

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Conformation of the body delicate; leanness; face red; mouth evidently

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ancient times, and bones exhumed here and there have

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least preparation and after-treatment, and which exacts

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tions, he claims, have proven that it is equally efficient as a

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give birth to those productions which are the proper off'spring of creative

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American Journal of Surgery and Gynecology (St. Louis, Mo.),

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persevering use of light evacuants at length freed him. There remained in

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vessels and kidneys as well as apoplexy and many organic

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it occurs, involves no serious inconvenience to him, and

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Strength diminishing; the difficulty in urinating continuing.

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