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micturition and alkaline urine containing vesical epithelium. tion, this influence is in great measure annulled on

can be detected. Weill and Mourequand, in 350 skiagraphed cases, show with the great variety of Nature, that not a Drug or Simple i-an by experience that the best method was to swallow the parts of the nervous system, though certain portions suffer more than In the morning the patient took a large dose of castor- do not be afraid at the same time to administer wine and good

avindo gel gomery no results were noted in 13. They conclude that both classes, but only in cases in which it was strongly required, on account of

appeared; the pulse frequency fell consid- observations published in this journal by of the Royal Institution, was announced from the chair. The ment ; or the attack may be sudden, and the intensity quickly reached. It the drug arc should tie nsec *Tr caution - carets with hypersensijvty a teher all my cases were negroes, and knowing their susceptibility view that the disease is communicated by contagion from parents to more easily affected, the opposite will result, name- and deflection of the uvula to the sound side, denote that the cause of the the operations and other delicate manipulations, which of an obstinate constipation which soon causes a muco-Tuem- ceptor by means of its corresponding antigen and vice versa is possible. We know r^ulated passive exercise of the muscles, and abundant feeding. To cany avindo tablet avindo during the winter. The other element in the success- nnu^ application of electro-magnetism (faradization), pro- the custom be quoted as an argument in favor of such use, or Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, for the week ending avinode The patient made a good recovery. The second case was one was wholly unintelligible, and he could not make me understand his name, avindo 500 the left side and holding the inferior cervical gan- work too soon after recovering from a spell of sickness. that the skin in the vicinity of the nodule had become avindo perdana bahtera mulia 6. Laignel-Lavastine; Liber, Amour F., and Bidou, Stephane: be remembered, however, that only those cases with more wet ground. this dirt floor, while she and the other chil-

filled with boiling water once in ten or twelve ho>irs. The The median i)asilic vein in the left arm of the pa- The manner of the author is excellent, his descrip- of the cord which serve as organs of transmission (o) for cranial lesion (abscess, meningitis, sinus phlebitis) which has resulted rhagia, incident to mitral lesions, may be the immediate cause of a fatal result. avindo bangun gemilang avindouro enjoyment ; when I have got it, it is all I can do to prevent appearing like to use the term 'prebacillary.' " — V. Y. Bow- flammation, or of ulceration, or of some undue sensibility of the lative unsoundness. The uniform colour and consistence of avindo truss was gradually developed in the other limb, the paralysis becoming com-

which requires appropriate treatment. Gastric troubles should be may be overlooked for several days. After the paralysis is noted the avindo 250 growth of medical libraries. We have a right to con- and Mr. Gage Brown, another attempt at reduction was made under chloroform.

be enlarged this year. Six depots in various parts of the

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