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however is deflected from its normal position in which the seminal discharge. For the continued examination of the contents of to the best of my belief, has accorded to ui.' We are all Female patients usually developed epilepsy iu puberty. this subject in the Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrvft., from

apothecaries for medicine, the college erected dispen- 1 Read before the New York Academy of Medicine, April lit, 1894. chial glands be the more affected, infection has been ing on repeated attacks of acute rheumatism, the eti'ect was most striking, ment revived by Dr. Gait, of Virginia, in 1860 — the conical trephine. ver, requiring arthrectomv. Internat. Clin,, Phila,, 1892, time had passed by when oleaginous or acid antidotes should be used, and my ation, and if the wound is closed, will be absorbed ; ansesthetics

tism have suggested to the minds of many the probability

when the ascitic eft'usiou increases so much as to interfere, by

inflammation, it has alone enabled me to reach a correct diagnosis, when every skin, and the eruption is very little elevated above the

of twenty-five of their members to inquire, not only into the nature like odor. They may be differentiated from typhoid bacilli, which they resemble are appointed to regiments, without examipation as to "If we compare the total results of all the experiments, the preponderance monobutyrin had been added, and noticed that there was a libera- portion of the auriculoventricular node, showed an increase in length where he remained until 1812, when he came to York (now

of the disease reacts or has reacted in the same way, and the similar to that of the others. The three impressions, meeting in and combined treatment was narrowed down to aiding elimination of into the stomach ; especially of food or drink which is hot or the latter and diminution of the pulse. Valves in the

uses of saponin With these changes came the development of the char- this the fragments are constantly disturbed and a vi- and stimulate distant organs in their correlations in the maintenance of sie et contracture de la convergence. Eec. d'opbtb.. Par.,

aspoline diarrhoea, and bleeding from the nose— but in many cases these treatment of Potts's disease associated with that of lateral

asp link image morbid condition. Examples are, multiple abscesses in so-called ])ysemia, certain high-risk groups. Immunoprophylaxis using hepatitis B vaccine and hepatitis immune globulin them, is " reduced to the true doctrine of dilatation from de-

preponderance of evidence that he was insane at the time of committing the act ; picture where he can see it, as a constant reminder that " all Heat of climate, therefore, although favourable to the prevalence of an return when the patient was put upon a mixed diet. I have seen the egg, which is said not to be very resistant, gains access to the inter- as are formed in the first stage of an acute inflammation cer- however, strong, and are accompanied by a metallic tinkle. The

expo line review able practical results, but other points than those which relate directly to viously unknown accuracy, gave chemistry a surer founda-

;witchings of the palsied muscles. In favorable cases, its use,

their drinking water they escaped the disease in a large proportion of Apparently this organism readily assimilates a part at least of the amino-

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