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generally found there, to keep up the currents of caloric from the heart and

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its actions, symptoms, and post-mortem appearances, but as be-

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Jambs Paget, F.R.S. — Mr. Paget, in this paper, gives an account

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shown that M. B. selected for experiment only those cases brought under his

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This isn't very definite. The doctor may still contaial]

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the one doctor being conventional, elderly, experienced,

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diminishes the number of pustules, in which, in fact, consists the severity of the

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bonize the organs in an instant, without flame or ignition, and with the

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Among the civil population, the Jirsi undoubted case occurred on

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rigor, followed by high fever, pains in tlie limbs, great uneasiness and sense

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loosely to the surface. The brain was somewhat atrophied, other-

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" In the complex mental organization, with its manifold, special

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up to the present state of knowledge about intra-ocular ten-

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Zander, was at length completed by his fellow-labourer^ and

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of habits and occupations, involving different degrees of exposure to the acci-

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most point of the iris (which remains unmoved,) and be thus carried in a curved

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Scirrhous Tumours. — This case is related by Billard Stewart's ed.

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gretted that more extensive observations have not been made at these posts on

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paint should certainly hold aloof from the curling-iron

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this is the first important contribution to the micro-chemistry

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difficulty; and he made no distinction between the hard sounds, p, t, k, and the

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noids. It is regretable that the question of temperature

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found in spots where old adhesions with the omentum existed, and

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year it amounted to 462, or nearly three times as many. No

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lished. The ship left the port with a clean bill of health, on the

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probaoly the premature destruction of the embryo precedes it. The

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arations are very irritating, and those which do not

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assistant physician to St. George's Hospital; Dr. Ryan, the author of several

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kidney or disease of the heart are then always indicated. M. Becquerel says

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noises, blinking, winking, nodding, beckoning, and a

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other hand, are scarcely able to hear at all in a noise,

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central authority. The gauglionic cell of the sympathetic co-

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against which it is specially directed — the French Ghivemment, in 1850, proposed

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subject before the Ophthalmological Congress at Heidelberg;

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an intermittent type. In regard to the consequences and terminations of

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In leucocythemia the spleen is usually much enlarged, but we

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faith in a secret remedy. We understand fully the psy-

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