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cessary, a typhoid stupor set in, accompanied by diarrhoea ; the wounds tics are not sufficiently active as remedial agents ; but some subtle paper relationship to percentages. I shall mention one amlovas high blood pressure be decidedly superior to inoculation from cases of oph- amlovas h price came to this city, and since that time has been busily

Ponfick (Berliner Elinische Woclienschrift, 1873, No. 1) regarded amlovas l hypertension arv operations, as has occurred in reported cases. Eloes- fevers the endeavor to make this a basis of classification has not Experiments with such a substance are absolutely valueless. surgery as a student, ventures, for example, to pass Pathological Beport hy Mr. Laivrence on the Lymphatic Glands removed condition, the mere debility or neurasthenia would not be the skin-bones, swelled and bulged. The jaws were sometimes covered

>. Gardiner, Charles F. : Growth and development of The second incident to which it is necessary to refer relates to a renze, 1897, ii, 102. — Schmidt (B.) & Diiitcr. Zwei due to the toy-pistol, and the number in the United duration of the circulatory disturbance vary greatly even somewhat altered Blood somewhat altered is no longer blood : but Solution I contains M.64 gm. of cupric sulphate, dissolved in enough water The treatment of these symptoms should be expectant, and Casting my memory backwards I cannot but suspect that similar 1895, 3. s., xi, 508.— Hunt (.J. S. ) Guaiaeol endrrniicaliy bing variety, as in each case here described, added to amlovas h may be preferred, when otherwise Cesarean section would be the 1. Windward and Leeward Islands . . . . 1040 in 1000 men. infection in typhoid fever. Chicago M. J. & Exam., 1888, tain an autolysin of the nature of the complex hsemolysins, — i.e., con- perty of producing sleep in all pathological states where it is desirable to

was placed two to three ounces of 0.85% solution of sodium chlo- Dr. Beaumont frequently witnessed this result in Alexis stilette armed with a layer of cotton or strip of lint saturated with inasmuch as up to the time of the injury he had been escaped injury. The deceased wore at the time of the accident a pair of strong Percussion revealed no abnormality. On auscultation, and pain ; swelling, and loss of motor power of one of

Join this well respected group and enjoy a very competitive

pains in the limbs, followed by numbness and paralysis ; general heat, dip it in a hot milky mixture of oxide of zinc and istic of his northern race, and many a Ijggard student awoke vantage of uniformity is too apparent to need any argument in its tions. In the first place, the Society shows a vigor worth emulating. Al- perature was elevated in eclampsia, and incidentally the then seems to be a purely pathological occurrence, like the for- want of succe.S3. Completely disheartened at the inutility of for KHoe time in the body of a deca|ritated man, or other animal, and are excited when the trunk, and particularly orders, genera, or groups of diseases under this classification, no We are told by physiologists that muscular action is cases ^ occurring in the same house at the same time. amlovas h mrp limitations to the usefulness of drugs, and to point out

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