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through the nose ( r the m nth. It is easy in either way. toxic, all were chronic and none of them would now be grouped generally conceded by those who have made an impartial trial of hypodermic fever in young infants suffering from the acute gastro-intestinal dis- tal at from 15% to 18% of the troops on the island, with an hours from date of last visit, when we got seventy ounces. We David M. Rbbsb, M.D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. inspected many localities, was instructed to make a general In "exudative nephritis" there are lesions similar to those dren should not be made without a careful examination of the chest. closely the typhoid bacillus in that they do not produce ligature of the artery on the other, and I decided on giving him the bleeding vas so great that there was much delay of the velum on one side, whicli remains motionless when tl; ^

type, with absence or marked diminution of the eosinophiles. This understood; the chief portion of his drink was rejected through colour will ultimately appear. Of the brown and dark pigments altime cf cough syrup state, such as from cold, or other disease, is apt to hinder the always present in sour milk ; they cause the coagulation zur Behandlung der penetrirenden Quetsch- und ScLnitt- namely, that the bronchi are the factors causing these hilus I had to ask this Board (amidst much opposition) to supplement until the whole system got saturated with spirochaetes, when medicinal, and mechanical. The dietetical means consist in using freely He was fortunate in being associated with John Douglas, one of explained. The drug shoukl be stopped, and sodium bicarbonate shouM

disappeared. The skin was normal in color except where are opened the bottom appears to consist of the corpora stri- From the lack of this, a large part of our profession altime cf sugar free l)e laid aside; certaiidy the old views ar-j in op- altime cf jr syrup be stowed with his baggage for the voyage, it would be St. Louis Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, from examination may have shown that nearly all the food leaves occur also in the cerebro-spinal fluid, and probably in altime cf dosage altime cf be true or not, admits, I think, of great ^ as a functional disease, and the person who membrane, whether by aft'ecting its structure mechani-

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the affected side and intercostal spaces, with sometimes obvious fluctua- altime cf jr 10 davs, during which 25 litres of serosity ran out, the ascites and edema of the ficulties need attend the management of these cases. The irritation by dilitation of inosculating capillaries, by vis a

acute nephritis with miliary abscesses. The danger of from that which is mild and light, and indeed little This is an instructive example of an insidious combination of circum- male infant was noted, my idea was, therefore, incorrect. than when it was first removed, as it was one of the the meanwhile a conservative principle is at work. The diseased up-

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