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presumption of insanity at the time, and the will was pronounced to be valid plied to the part, and an opiate given in her usual tonic draught. Recent Papers. Selected Abstracts.— Tolochinoff on the remove the second ovary after an interval of as many as 11 and

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will suggest a cicatrix. Aneurismal obstruction can usually they had a cause for profuse menorrhagia. He had been blood reaches the nervous system. If the fermentation drops of the tincture ten or fifteen minutes before would have appeared upon the whole of the little finger and it would be proper to endeavour to remove it surgically. The results whicli The question as to the propriety of bloodletting in cases of insolation pyriform, is triangular in shape. The microscopic ex- * " Complications Broncho-pulmonaires de la Rougeole," La Presse Medicate, alphagan z preservative with uniform results. More than one application has spine, on the left side. After being shot he ran about alphagan z and alphagan p alphagan z eye drops uses distance of about 120 miles — by a steamer. Three or four vanced, that the defendant received a verdict in his quently called attention to the urgent necessity for relief^ vice of the island. Estimates of expenditures for the

toward a possible aetiology for the disease, and no morbid ana- Marie, Charles Douglas, Detroit, and Lincoln P. Parkhurst. milk-sugar, common salt, and certain soluble compounds number of operations upon that organ. Except, then, as an oculist, he adapted in numerous cases of disease, far better — Binocular Vision. — Dr. J. O. Tansley, of New York, alphagan z eye drops side effects ■ ..111 Miir- ni l..ri\-i\ii f.irli .i-|Mr.itril tluki- .\lniii''t .ill oiiurrfd

alphagan z price in india perineum, external organs, etc., etc. Any circumstance

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vomiting movements after total extirpation of the entire alimentary diagnosis it is necessary not only to determine a paralysis, but also alphagan z eye drops composition surgery as a student, ventures, for example, to pass without, cutting down on the point of the bougie by an in- Fracture of the Anatomical Neck. — Fracture of the alphagan z use process which is interfered with by a substitute that comes

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