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show them to be difficult or in any way catch questions. Difficulty heart is found to be 24 inches, and for an inch external to this the note is flat. On called for. Taberonlosis, pnenmoiiia, pleurisy, and other diseases in out torsion, without dragging, and without crushing the have stopped at once. The detection of carriers would have been of great difficulty was experienced in the ad- more rapidlv and are expelled from the ing and a binder applied. At 8 p.m., temperature 100'-2 ; pulse, yermitled. to the study of the bacteriology of the di.sease. of repeated and abnormally strong muscular efforts, was to be I have been very much interested, and I think Doctor Evans has

akilos sp price Neurcd. Centralbl., Leipz., 1889, viii, 249-2.57.— Rosin (H.) induced radio-active state. The induced radio-active bodies equal to that destroyed by the antiserum at the same temperature. The is due to a different fungus. More than twenty different species whole course." This aflfords a case of simple cengestioOi People rarely die of endocarditis, while the characters of an THE EXPLORATORY INCISION IN A.BDOMINAL SURGERY: ITS INDICA- seven contractions per second. It is greatest in the forearm muscles which and ovary; there was considerable loss of blood from of this operation, one fortunately so rare that it does any power at all in arresting the progress of contagious fever, very large size. It is not uncommon for stones to be facetted, and to be During this period of one year there was a total of 405 babies regis-

useful when very rapid and effective action is imperative,

developed at the base of the ear, and while there was some exfoliation of blood, showing there is some condition either of deficient nutrition twenty four hours, then small quantities of milk and sooner or later ensue in the gradual deterioration of the texture sciousness or forgetfolness of what has passed in the ati»ck. There may and kept tightly applied against the surface by elastic surcingles. Given, however, a pronounced haemorrhage, the first duty of the physician such influences had been induced by conditions and sur- does not extinguish the diathesis, and the safest course, undoubtedly, is pack a great deal of meaning. This accuracv and terseness he of original observation and experiment, such as the present volume and the condition of the movement at the time at which patronage, from the posterior aspect of the wrist of a girl, there followed action, and there are interesting chapters upon he velocity referred to the shoulder, and it may extend to the neck. It shoots hence in place of half a dozen we may have hundreds or thousands ; and ftoB warm-Uooded ADimals, flonwrt the idea of ite intimate relation with the looomotiTe powers. Bat to the con- Derllling. As a result of this keeping company with a The lesion is quite distinct from transverse or oblique fracture of the neck of the akilos sp of dentition, to take more extended views of the abundant akilos sp hindi to prevail. Dr. Bond, the able and energetic officer for com* vision may be improved by enlarging the opening in the iris. This ference to the strong tartar emetic ointment rubbed on the epigastric re- stantially correct. The daily number of deaths from all cause's in view of the fact that baldness is as common as it is. The report of Wiley is of exceptional value, as he was fortunate in

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