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this is the fact that amyloid has never been observed in the blood. It is un-
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diphtheria or lead poisoning. Sidney Martin and others have shown that the
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described in this connection as the Koch- Weeks bacillus.
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The treatment of such skin affections as bedsores, abscesses, boils,
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the two diseases are related. Aside from a superficial simi-
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the medium upon which it acts. Similarly, the inactive modification of
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but for the most part is confined to the temperate zone.
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few days and lasts several hours. No difficulty with micturition.
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they can only tell when its presence is manifested, — -and there is a wide differ-
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thickly coated white; the mouth and lips are dry; there is
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2 ml of sterile physiological saline solution. Inject this
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and more convenient than with a colorimeter. In the
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the great advantages of the school whose cause I espouse, whose
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at first through the funnel, then down the sides of the
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cells, but never in the lymphocytes themselves ; in anthracosis of the lungs the
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"its subsequent growth and development is doubtless altogether inde-
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tending surgeon. Both smears and cultures should be prepared.
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a. Decrease in Volume by Evaporation. Blood, plasma,
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For instance, if the patient gives a positive reaction with the
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together. Again, epithelial proliferation is frequently present in atrophic
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tate forms and the blue color begins to fade. The diluted
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he was still under the influence of the ether anesthetic. The
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omission, which ought not to have taken place, intervened to
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sion sound in same regions ; above and below all is dull and flat ;
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whereas the tissue elements disappear. Some workers
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drop at a time is permitted to flow down the side of the
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over the mouth of the test tube so that the disk formed
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volumetric flask. Measure 100 ml of the exact 1.000 N
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part. Twelve used the triturations alone. I say the " thirty-
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was confined with her second child, and the physician did not reach her till ten min-
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wave length set at 625 millimicrons. Then return the
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•or because it is itself hopelessly badly nourished, fibrosis cannot possibly take
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(6) The heating should be vigorous enough to make white
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cental attachment. From these conditions follow the numerous
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less sufficient to awaken the connective tissue to hyperplasia and fibrosis,
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the beginning, we have felt that, in order to make the most of the
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measure of success ; with this he must be contented.
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feeding is indicated, but when once the stupor is established
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latter partly attributable to the thickened tongue, are very char-
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in a private autopsy. Karsner discusses the viewpoint of the
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he had two diarrhceic stools, with tenesmus ; in the evening,
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Sept. 10. Flatus troublesome, often urging him to stool,
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