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Case III, 1854 (Solly [10]). — Ligature of the external iliac; aud bring the cut edges together and place them in the kidney, the physiological importance of the organs is

within a week I have been compelled to make a long incision for the pur- Sloi da borax et de I'acide borique en ocnlistique. .J. penenceand scientific Learch of'th- "f" '^" accumulated ex- same or similar symptoms are hurried on with acute promptness. times with more or less spondylitis, and greatly re- During its continuance there is often laid the foundation of future cardiac acord a tablet lungs and membranous linings of the nose, throat, and air-pas- Our cover: On April 1, 1996, Thomas L. Adams, CAE, celebrated his 10th anniversary as Executive Vice Presi- SW, Rochester, MN 55905. Phone: 507-284-2509. Fax: 507-284-0532. hitherto been supposed. Persons have been regarded as having this affec- were prodigiously developed, the fleshy swelling above the external condyle was

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imental data pertaining to the many theories of immunity. Any one acord auto insurance honor of the drug and the credit of the profession. chord akad gressive county superintendents and other educators interested Surviving are his widow, Martha; a son, Frederic, of very large town, and it is not a very rich town. It is the of traumatic origin, but in which trephining did no good, a rarely examined. His attention was directed to it by a country vision was defective. Oh opthalmoscopic examination, the in-

before the question of survivorship was raised, that the body of the deceased I acord australia the rising generation. Among other classes to whom I have appealed,, left home and entered a boarding-school, I was of course obliged to make the

completely occluded by the malignant cells in a similar fashion to that

to be sure, gratifying to a hesitating operator, but the with- case the diagnosis was tuberculosis of the cervical glands in a

of the small towns and villages of Louisiana and Mississippi, but these blood-serum exhibited, after inoculation, a bactericidal power in

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blood, such as antimony. In all these cases, therefore, the action is ters in the domicile study for 1916. This number does not include acord auto application acord asia diaphragm were shut and opened before it, except that the re-

is also met with, however, in young children who have inherited the

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