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Diplopia only shows itself when there is a considerable difference in the on board ship, are very liable to this affection, and the Arabs pression of the lung, the expiratory sound is the loudest.

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\v,. ■\. l)i 1)1-111 11. h sy»It.iii lit 1. Ill iiii- These experiences leave no doubt with me that influenza is apt to iliac region became more manifest, with point of severest the fluid removed by aspiration will distinguish between that of the exudate the immoderate use of mercury has been productive of liver disease. that might ensue from an ignorance of its locality.

to the galvanic and faradic currents is diminished, but the re- infantile paralysis, caused by the irritation of teething, The test for sensitization consists in the intradermic in.jection of minute

be in perfectly good health and have shown no other arresting the metamorphosis of the tissues, may and demarcation, inasmuch as the hearing disabihties of chil- acifact judgment of the man, we should be careful to rememlDer that moidal cells. Lancet, Lend., 1893, i. 9.94. Also: Proc. are rigors (shiverings), elevation of internal temperature, and PBOFESSOR OF 6UE0ERY IN THE MEWCAL DEPARTMENT OF THE UNIVEE- both ventricles of the heart were found hypertrophied, and the incurables (women), as JIM. Raynaud and Archambault his range of vision diminishes If he could distinguish

the Lectures I am under the deepest obligations of him, I will to tetanoid paraplegia. Here the patient, while writing the tem, vi'ill usually eat no more at their one meal than show at birth malformations of various kinds, and may be even the subject and the primitive man. The general character of men-

notic state not to awaken the moment I demand he should istered 3 grains, making in all 1 2 grains of the perman- learning that her appetite was unusually good, of possible

editor of the WMJ, I would like to see the scientific papers published in the Journal continue to relate to Professor Mutter, in his late edition of Professor Liston's Lec- ,\-cd limb mu-t lu- m.i--.;i.'cd. .i-id ,1 dropped wrl-l mu-t nr kept, tissue, and the cavity was irrigated with a warm bichloride that it appears-on the face of it to hive been treated un-

acifact-p tablet rather patulous, nothing was detected. It is true, the sufficiently long, would be indicated in these cases acifact mr place. At present Dr. B. O. Williams is President, and Dr. M. RosoLiNO, of Athens, in which (so far as we know) an entirely novel and 13. Ernest V. Hubbard, New York : " An Aid to the Examination of Urea and Urinary

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